Monday, October 25, 2010

Banana A Day – The People Under The Stairs

The best way to describe this film is that it is like an R rated version of Home Alone. The difference is that instead of a kid being terrorised by a couple of burglars at home, the kid is the burglar being terrorised by the people whose house he broke into. Just like in Home Alone there are many crazy traps set up in the house, but unlike Home Alone this film is definitely not for children. The film starts in a poor neighbourhood in Los Angeles. The main character Fool is a twelve year old boy with a sick mother. To make things worse his family is about to be evicted by the evil landlords Mr and Mrs Robeson. Leroy a family friend comes up with a plan to rob the Robesons' house and wants Fool to help him out. The rumour is that in the basement of the Robeson's house there is a collection of gold coins worth a fortune. Fool soon finds out that there are a lot of rumours surrounding the Robesons. For one they live in a house that used to be a funeral home and even worse then this that they are descendants of a family of who practiced incest. A tradition that Mr and Mrs Robeson (brother and sister) have kept alive. After things go wrong during the burglary, Fool finds out that all of the rumours are very true. My favourite part of the film is the insane home that the Robesons live in. The house is a labyrinth of secret doors and boobey traps which are utilised in some good chase scenes. The characters Mr. and Mrs. Robesons are easy to hate and when The People Under The Stairs are revealed I hated them even more. The film isn't that scary but it has some good jump scenes and is fun to watch.

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