Saturday, October 16, 2010

Banana A Day – Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

At the end of the fourth film it is implied that Michael Myers' soul went into the body of his niece Jamie. He then gets shot, falls down a mine shaft and dies. Jamie now with the soul of a killer inside her goes crazy and in a scene mimicking the original film she kills her foster mother. Revenge of Michael Myers begins by negating the ending of the last film. It turns out Michael crawled away through a mine tunnel just seconds before one of the officers blew up the mine with dynamite. He then makes it to a river and floats down it for awhile. He ends up in the shack of a hobo and goes into a comatose state. Flash forward a year to Halloween. Jamie has been put into a sanatorium under the care of Dr. Loomis. She has gone mute because of the psychological trauma of killing her foster mother. Meanwhile instead of contacting the police the Hobo just left the body of Michael Myers on a table in his shack. Big mistake as Michael wakes up and immediately kills the Hobo. Then it's back to his old tricks. In Return of Michael Myer's, Michael's soul going into Jamie turned out to be less of a soul transferring than a creation of a psychic link between the two characters. Thus Jamie immediately knows that Myer's is still alive, but as she is mute can't tell anyone. It definitely sucks when that happens. Loomis is a smart guy and it doesn't take him long to realise what is going on between Jamie and her psychopathic uncle. Loomis dutifully sets off for the fourth time after Michael Myers. The character of Dr. Loomis is great in this movie as he has taken a by any means necessary attitude towards defeating Myers once and for all. There are multiple scenes in which Loomis yells at the mute Jamie to tell him where Michael Myers is and then at the end of the film he uses her as bate. Anyway, after killing Rachel (Jamie's foster sister who survived the entire last film only to be killed at the beginning of this one) Michael turns his attention for no reason to her friends. They all end up at a Halloween party and they get picked off one by one. Jamie tries to help them, but fails. Dr. Loomis hatches a plan to kill Michael by luring him once again to his childhood home. Unfortunately he wasn't expecting intervention by the man in black. Halloween 5 is the first in the series to introduce the Druid cult plot line. It does this by showing a man with a weird tattoo on his wrist who wears black. This character appears briefly throughout this film and then shows up at the end of the movie. The only way that I knew this has anything to do with a cult is by watching Halloween 6. There is absolutely now explanantion to who this character is or why he is doing what he is doing in Halloween 5. If I had saw this film when it came out in 1989 I would have been very frustrated with the inexplicable ending. The rest of the film is better than Halloween 4 though. Donald Pleasance has more of a presence in this film, and it seems like he is having more fun with his character Dr. Loomis compared to the previous film. The best part of the film is how the youth of Hadonfield are so unconcerned about Michael Myers. It has only been a year since he returned to massacre the town after his ten year absence, but the teenagers don't seem to care. They pull multiple Michael Myers related jokes which is definitely in poor taste. Believe me a man who has been shot, lit on fire, run over, cut and bludgeoned on multiple occasions is not someone to make jokes about.

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