Thursday, October 21, 2010

Banana A Day – Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

This film continues the Michael Myers is part of a cult story line that was confusingly established in the previous film. Jamie was apparently kidnapped back when Michael was busted out of jail by the man in black. She is now much older and has been impregnated with Michael's child. The movie opens with her about to give birth in what appears to be a factory. After she gives birth she escapes with the baby to prevent from the same fate as her Uncle Michael. Before she is found and Killed by Michael she is able to call into a radio station that is conveniently doing a program on Michael Myers. Franticly she puts out a call to Dr. Loomis if he is listening to come and help her. He is listening, but can't help her. Jamie gets killed and Michael looks for the baby which he can't find. Along with Dr. Loomis another character from the original Halloween hears Jamie's frantic call to the radio program. That character is none other than Tommy Doyle. Not sure who Tommy Doyle is? Neither was I, so I Googled it and found out he was the kid that Laurie Strode babysits in the original Halloween. Much older now, Tommy (played by Paul Rudd) has become obsessed with Michael Myers. So obsessed that he lives across from the house where Myers murdered his sister when he was a kid. The house is no longer abandoned, but lived in by relatives of Laurie Strodes adopted family. Tommy has been watching them as he has found out that the Grandson that lives in the house has been marked by the same cult that marked Michael Myers when he was a child. Wow, this plot synopsis is a real slog to get through. The movies storyline is much too complicated. Everything is just thrown together so that the cult storyline make sense and the problem with this is that it still doesn't. There is something to do with cloning and other junk that I could care less about. Apparently the studio stepped in and cut forty minutes out of the film, but I highly doubt that forty minutes makes the film any more coherent or watchable. Not including H20, Resurrection (H20, and Resurrection are direct sequels to Halloween 2 with no continuity with parts 3,4,5,and6) Halloween 6 is the final film in the Halloween series. It is scarier to see how far away the series got from John Carpenters original than it is to watch any of the sequels. Halloween 6 is only to be watched by the hardest of hard-core fans. Aside from the original which is a masterpiece I would only recommend Halloween 2 and Season of the Witch as sequels to check out.

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