Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Box Office Review – My Soul to Take

I'm getting sick of repeating this statement but it must be said. The 3D in this movie is horrible. It does nothing for the film except to darken it to almost unwatchable levels. This movie is mostly conversation scenes so it is ridiculous that it is in 3D. If you can see the movie without the 3D, do it, because even though the 3D is brutal I had a lot of fun watching this film.

The beginning fifteen minutes of My Soul to Take is crazy. It is weird to watch and messily edited, but it works well. Wes Craven throws so many genre clichés into this opening scene that it is hilarious. The film starts out 16 years ago in a town called Riverton. A killer named the Riverton Ripper has increased his death toll to seven people. It turns out that the Ripper has dissociative identity disorder and as a result has seven different personalities. The film implies that these seven personalities are actually seven souls trapped inside the Ripper's body. After he is caught and killed each of his seven souls go into seven babies born the night of his death. Sixteen years later the killings start to happen and the seven babies who are now teenagers suspect that it is one of them.

This is Wes Cravens first film in sixteen years that he has both written and directed. I am glad to see him back doing both and still at seventy one he is having fun with the horror genre. My Soul to Take is not a perfect film, but it is still very enjoyable. This is a classic Craven film. It takes place in high school, contains dream sequences, and dead members of the cast come back to assist those still alive. All things Craven has done before. The ridiculousness of the film really won me over and I was on board from start to finish. The Riverton Ripper is a great killer, and he has some hilarious lines in the film.

I was surprised at how much enjoyment I got from this movie. This is the type of Slasher film that I enjoy. One that doesn't take itself to seriously. The movie creates its on mythology, and urban legend and it is one I gladly got lost in. If it wasn't for the 3D I would have enjoyed this movie even more.

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