Tuesday, October 12, 2010

VIFF 2010 - Rubber

The film starts off with the character Lieutenant Chad monologue right to the camera and he explains that this film will be a tribute to no reason in film. From there the film introduces a group of people who are given binoculars and told to watch the goings on in the film. They are the equivalent to a Greek chorus as all they do is comment on everything that is happening in the film. Basically this is an insanely pretentious film that works only when there are no actors on the screen.

The focus on the movie is a tire that comes alive and rolls around running over things. The tire then discovers that it has telekinetic powers, and it uses this power to explode bunnies, and human heads. The stuff of the tire rolling around is well shot and would have made for a decent short film. Instead the movie adds on this self awareness aspect that destroys the film.

There is a time in the film where a character takes out a paper and reads his lines off it as he has forgotten what to say. This breaking of the world of the film happens many times. Lieutenant Chad tries to end the film early by killing the binocular people with poisoned food. He also tries to convince other characters in the film that they are in a movie by getting them to shoot him. All this is unfunny and stupid.

There really isn't much more to say about this movie. Nothing much happens in it. I wish that the film had the confidence to just be a movie about a mass murdering tire rather then a film that is so full of self awareness that it becomes unwatchable. No release date yet.

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