Saturday, January 1, 2011

Film Ape’s 25 Favourite Films of 2010

#25 - How To Train Your Dragon

I went into this film with trepidations and came out thoroughly impressed. Visually the film is astonishing. The flying scenes are breathtaking as well as the sense of scope in the film. Toy Story 3 put up a good fight, but this is unrivalled for best animated film of 2010.

#24 - Max Manus: Man of War

A well made film about real life World War 2 saboteur Max Manus. The film is small, but ambitious and that ambition created a smart and solid World War 2 film.

#23 - Unstoppable

This is classic Tony Scott and as a result Unstoppable is classic entertainment. This is the type of story that can only be told on a movie screen. It delivers thrills, excitement, and edge of the seat entertainment. These are things that should be treasured.

#22 - Cropsey

You would be hard pressed to find a fictional film this year that contains as much suspense as this Long Island documentary about Urban legends and the real stories behind them.

#21 - Tron Legacy

This film is a fun spectacle that does a good job of transporting the viewer to another world for a couple of hours. The light bike and disc battle scene are highlights of the year.

#20 - The Expendables

Muscled men fist pumping, hanging out, and slapping backs.

#19 - Get Low

Robert Duvall gives one of the best performances of the year as Felix Bush. This is a simple and effective movie about forgiveness and redemption.

#18 - Rabbit Hole

A beautiful meditation on dealing with the death of a loved one, that features two impressive performances by Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart. Rabbit Hole finds a perfect balance between heart breaking sadness and humour. I wasn't expecting much from the film and I was happy to have my expectations surpassed.

#17 - 13 Assassins

The only fault I found with this film is the CG cow scene. Everything else is close to perfect. The last forty five minutes of the film is incredible. This film is my favourite Takashi Miike film.

#16 – Harry Brown

Michael Caine is one of the greatest actors in the history of acting. Harry Brown is a film in which Caine proves that yet again. If you are not a fan of Michael Caine you haven't seen a Michael Caine film.

#15 – Flipped

A film that cast a spell over me while watching it. This was criminally under seen and is the best work Rob Reiner has done in the last decade. Go out right now and rent/buy the film, you wont be disappointed.

#14 - Somewhere

A beautiful and masterly paced film, I have come to expect nothing less from the great Sofia Coppola.

#13 – The Ghost Writer

The atmosphere that can be created by setting a film on the ocean in New England is unparalleled. The fog horns, rain, and grey skies provide a perfect setting for a mystery. The Ghost Writer is is simple and effective film. I liked the film when I first watched it the first time and after multiple viewings I now love it.

#12 – The Social Network

David Fincher made a film about a subject most people didn't think would be very interesting. Not surprisingly Fincher as well as an impressive cast made the story of the creation of Facebook into one of the best received movies of the year.

#11 – 127 Hours

Danny Boyle approached the story of Aron Ralston with a view different the any other filmmaker would have. The movie about a man stuck in one place for 127 hours is heavily stylised just like the other Danny Boyle films. This was unexpected, but very well executed. James Franco's performance as Ralston is great and I wish that the pool he, Kate Mara, and Amber Tamblyn's characters jump into was real.

#10 – Black Swan

No other performance had the power of Natalie Portman's performance in Black Swan. Her self destruction is both hard and fascinating to watch. Ballet has never been as interesting as it is in this film.

#9 – Let Me In

The lead performances as well as the direction make this film a worthy adaptation of the book Let The Right One In. Those who didn't see this because of the foreign version made a real mistake. The images in this film are incredible with the car accident scene being one of the best car crashes every filmed. I cannot wait to see what director Matt Reeve does in the future, as he already has two impressive features under his belt.

#8 – The Town

I love a good Halloween mask and this movie features some fantastic ones. The robberies and car chases are held together by a decent love story between Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall. I love and appreciate a good heist film and this is one of the best I have seen in a longtime.

#7 – The Fighter

A boxing movie directed by David O Russell staring Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Mellisa Leo. Do I need another reason for this to be in my top ten?

#6 – True Grit

I knew I would like this film, but I didn't expect such a classic Western to come from the Coen Brothers. Every single character in this film is well developed and that is the reason to see this film.

#5 – Never Let Me Go

The best way I can describe Never Let Me Go is as an understated science fiction film. This is the only film on the list that I have a difficult time explaining my appreciation for and that is the exact reason why I like it so much. It is a beautiful film that plays effortlessly.

#4 – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This film captures the spirit of the comic book perfectly. The editing of the film creates the feeling of actually reading a comic book. The performances are great and the visuals are unbelievable. This is the film I saw the most in the theatre in 2010.

#3 – Shutter Island

The movie I saw the second most times in the theatre. This is a gloriously atmospheric film that can be interpreted in fascinatingly different ways. This is the film that Martin Scorsese should have won the Oscar for.

#2 – Inception

A very cool and complicated film, Christopher Nolan is one of the few directors creating fare for future nerds. This is a film that will be dissected and debated for years to come.

#1 – Exit Through The Gift Shop

This film is number one as it combined everything I was looking for in a film this year. I was excited to see this film all year, and when I finally saw it the film didn't disappoint. The movie is fun and fast paced as well as cool and informative. I didn't know much about the world of street art before watching this movie, but after the film it was my main interest for the following weeks. Even now I can't wait for the next viewing of the film.

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