Monday, February 28, 2011

Box Office Review - Incendies

I really wish that Incendies was made up of scenes as impressive as its opening scene. Radiohead's song You and Whose Army plays over a scene of young boys having their heads shaved and becoming soldiers. When I say young boys I am talking about kids twelve and under. This starts off a film that is made up of coincidences and two parallel storyline. The movie is directed by Denis Villeneuve who also directed one of the best Canadian films Polytechnique. Incendies is a good movie that has some memorable scenes, but the films first and second acts are extremely slow. Then the third act reveal happened, and it bowled me over. Make sure you go into the film with little to no knowledge and you to will have your breath taken away. The films pacing and reliance on coincidence hurt the film, but the strong ending left me with a good impression. Not as good as Polytechnique, but still one of the best Canadian films out there. Rightly deserved its Oscar nomination.

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