Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Box Office Review - Cedar Rapids

With Cedar Rapid's setup, it could have easily been a Hangover clone. Thankfully it isn't. Cedar Rapids has five times the heart that The Hangover does, and equally as many memorable moments. Ed Helms plays Tim Lippe, a small town guy with a passion for selling insurance. After a series of events, Tim is sent to an insurance convention in a city known as the Sodom and Gomorrah of the United States. As you most likely should know, this city is called Cedar Rapids. In reality I am sure that Cedar Rapids is a fine, boring place, but as the film is seen through Tim Lippe's eyes it feels like Cedar Rapids is the place to go to indulge one's ever vice. This seems to be the reason why the three characters that make up Tim Lippe's group enjoy being there. The group is made up of other insurance sellers played by Anne Heche, Isiah Whitlock Jr, and John C. Reilly. Each one gives a fantastic performance and the chemistry of the group is the reason to see the film. Together they get in misadventures, with the knowledge that what happens in Cedar Rapids........well you know the rest. Whenever the film gets a bit serious it is at its worst, but thankfully that isn't too often. Since I started this review with a comparison to another film, I might as well finish it off with one. If you enjoyed the 2008 John C Reilly film The Promotion, than Cedar Rapid will also bring you enjoyment. If you haven't seen either film, you now have the makings of a hilarious double feature.

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