Thursday, February 24, 2011

Box Office Review - The Way Back

Peter Weir is an ambitious director. He has made films about a gang of people with monstrous cars, a man whose entire life is a television show, and a film that takes places almost entirely on an old ship. His new film The Way Back is no different. A group of men imprisoned in the Gulags plot their escape from the hellish place, but unlike other prison escape movies the guards are low down on their problems list. The actually prison escape takes place early on in the film, and the rest of the movie is the escapees having to deal with the natural elements. By the end of the movie many characters have died, and those who are still living have faced all manners of extreme nature. The Way Back runs 133 minutes, and guaranteed you will feel every second of the run time. This is not a bad thing, as the characters are on an excruciating journey from Russian to India and the film should make the audience feel that this journey is long. There were a few choices made in the film, most bothersome being the opening dedication that detached me for a time from what was happening on screen. This is a small complaint, but it did take me half an our after the dedication (that spoils the end of the movie) to forget about it a be consumed by the story.

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