Thursday, February 24, 2011

Box Office Review - Vanishing on 7th Street

Brad Anderson is one of the most interesting horror directors working today. Anderson has shown in the past that even with a smaller budget he is able to create satisfying and disturbing films. Vanishing on Seventh Street is his most ambitious film to date. After a massive power outage in Detroit city, something in the darkness causes the disappearance of everyone except for a few sole survivors. Those who remain end up in a generator lit bar that seems to be the only place of solitude. The only knowledge that the survivors have of what is going on, is that they have to stay in the light, or else the shadows will get them. The survivors are played by Hayden Christiansen, John Lequizamo, Thandie Newton, and Jacob Latimore. The actors give good performances as character trying to deal with the unexplainable phenomenon that has trapped them in their helpless situation. The problem that most people will have with the film is the lack of explanation into why the phenomenon is happening. The movie never even attempts to show why all of a sudden everyone has disappeared, but this didn't really bother me. The only real justification involves the word Croaton and if you are not sure what that means, look up the story of Roanoke island. Survival horror is one of my favourite genres, and I had an enjoyable time with this film. It isn't perfect and could be accused of being overly ambitious, but the film in no way deserves the treatment it has been getting.

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