Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Banana - Death Wish 3

The saga of tragedy and revenge continues for Charles Bronson's infamous character Paul Kersey in Death Wish 3.Known as the most graphic of the five film series, Death Wish 3 delivers the goods for fans of revenge flicks. As this is the third film about vigilante Paul Kersey it is not a surprise that his revenge is so extremely violent. In the first film his wife and daughter are the victims of a home invasion and his wife ends up dead. In the second film his daughter is murdered in a second home invasion in Los Angeles. In this the third Death Wish film Kersey is back in New York City and he is looking to get revenge for the murder of a a friend. This time with the help of a “friend” from out of town Kersey declares World War 3 on a neighbourhood terrorizing gang. What this film lacks in moral message and story it makes up for with no holds barred violence. Death Wish 3 is a film built around excessive violence. I am not of fan of real life excessive violence. I do though find it healthy to indulge ones violent tendencies through film. Death Wish 3 is the cream of the crop for this type of indulging. People get shot, stabbed, and beat up in a myriad of different fashions. An M60 machine gun and a rocket launcher both play key roles in Paul Kersey's revenge plan. All this is amazing stuff to watch. Originally rated X for violence, Death Wish 3 is the ultimate in revenge films.

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