Friday, March 4, 2011

Box Office Review - The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau is a bit of a hard sell. The film is a love story that asks questions about fate, free will, and coincidence, and it features a mysterious group of hat wearing men who control everything. This mixture on the surface (and in the trailer) seems like it would be a mess, but in reality, The Adjustment Bureau is a fun, intriguing, and effortless movie to watch,

Matt Damon plays David Norse, a successful politician on track to winning a seat in the U.S. Senate. By chance he meets the beautiful Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt) a ballet dancer who is on the path to having a very successful career. They immediately hit it off, but a greater force, keeps them apart. This force is a group of well dressed men with hats, whose purpose is to make sure that everything on earth goes according to plan. Unfortunately, neither David's or Elise's plan involves the two of them together.

Damon and Blunt have great chemistry together and it is believable that there relationship lasts, even though everything stands in their way. Most of their dialogue has humour in it, and that reflects the overall tone of the film. The movie doesn't take itself too seriously and this makes for some very fun scenes. My favourite being when Damon is being chased by a team of adjusters (lead by great actor John Slattery) and they try too anticipate his next move and prevent it from happening. This guessing game is fast paced and fun to watch.

The Adjustment Bureau had it's release date bumped from last year, and this is usually a bad sign. It seems though, that it is the exception. The film is about finding true love even with everything that stands it its way, and this will prevent people (especially the male audience) from seeing it. Trust me though, this is a film worth seeing.

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