Thursday, March 3, 2011

Box Office Review - Drive Angry

Over the last few years, bad movies have become more than just entertainment for niche audiences. Major studios are churning out movies that are meant to have an intentional cheese factor, and there is a problem with this. The enjoyment that I get out of watching bad movies comes from knowing that the people involved tried to make something good. Drive Angry 3D was made for fifty million dollars, but is has aspirations of films with much lower budgets. This movie did absolutely nothing for me. To be fair though, I am not the audience that this film is meant for. This film is meant for people who don't know the pleasure of watching a real bad movie. Drive Angry follows a formula of violence, and naked women, that is meant to get the male audience into theater seats. All this is predictable and uninteresting. I haven't gone into much detail about the film, and there really isn't much point. Aside from the appearance of Tom Atkins, nothing about this movie is worth talking about.

Banana Peel

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