Monday, February 2, 2009

For Cody - The Honeycomb Kid

The Honeycomb kid was around for several decades in different incarnations before he was replaced by the terrible mascot Crazy Craving in 1995.Originally he was a type of cowboy and then in the early 90s he became a sci-fi explorer and then an Indiana Jones type archaeologist. As an archaeologist he was searching for the secrets of honeycombs great taste. A different character would tell him that there are three secrets. First is crunch and then shape and then something would happen that would prevent the character from revealing the third secret.In the final commercial the kid fought a character named Opera Bear who was a ripoff of the phantom of the opera.The bear swings into the scene declaring that the kid will never find the honeycomb secret in which the kid answers "I don't think so Opera Bear". He defeats Opera Bear and finds out that the third secret is taste.

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