Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Banana A Day - House 2: The Second Story

This film has more in common with Night at the Museum then it does with a horror movie, but it is great fun to watch. The story is outlandish, similar in feel to that of Fright Night, or Night of the Creeps. It has everything that makes 80s horror comedy so memorable. Dinosaurs, friendly mummies, and Aztec warriors all play a part. The lines are as memorable as the characters who are saying them. John Ratzenberger makes an appearance as Bill an electrician, slash adventurer, and he is fantastic. Even though it is a sequel it has nothing to do with the first film, and that gives it a life of its own. This goes along side some of my favorite 80s B-Movies.(This has an amazing catch phrase "Frightening Strikes Twice". Brilliant!)

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