Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Banana A Day - The Virgin Spring

The Last House On The Left took its story from this film, and although the violence isn't as graphic, the film is just as powerful. Based off a Swedish ballad from the 13Th century, The Virgin Spring tells a story of revenge. The film goes by fast at a run-time of only 89 minutes, and Ingmar Bergman uses every second of it to tell his story. It is interesting that the characters are never really developed, but each character obviously represents a different view of the world and how real people act. I felt that this made it easy to connect to the characters and care for them. The similarities at least to the remake of TLHOTL were very apparent, but where that film failed this one succeeded. Virgin Spring showed more of the consequences of revenge, and the affect on the father. This is my first experience watching a Bergman film, and I was not disappointed.

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