Friday, March 20, 2009

Box Office Review - I Love You, Man

This film rises above the so called "Bromance" (terrible word) buzz that surrounds it and offers a hilarious heartfelt film. The cast is very good, so good in fact that some of the cast members were underused. This is what makes the movie so good. You have Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, and Rashida Jones who are all great actors in their own right, supported by a great cast. JK Simmons, Andy Samberg, Jon Favreau, Sarah Burns, Jaime Pressley, Lou Ferrigno all have small supporting roles. As for the humour in the movie, it is hilarious. I have been hearing the "Bromance" (still terrible) word thrown around so much, that I was sure the film would get tiresome after a bit, but it doesn't. I was laughing for the majority of the movie, excluding the first fifteen minutes. The first fifteen seemed uneven and it wasn't until Jason Segel's character was introduced that the film found solid ground. This is a very minor negative in what is a very funny well made comedy.

A Good Banana

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