Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Box Office Review - The Haunting in Connecticut

It's spacious, affordable, and a gateway to hell. The Haunting in Connecticut joins a long line of haunted house films, which are supposedly based on true events. This one has nothing new to offer, and is a sub-par movie. All of the scares in it are cheap scares involving a very quiet soundtrack and then a very loud noise. These scenes are obvious, and as a result are very annoying. The characters are handled very strangely. They just seem to come in and out of the story and there is no explanation to where they have been. You think that the film will follow one character, and then that person will just go away without ever being fully developed, only to appear later as if they have been there the whole time. Their reaction to what is happening is also very bizarre. I have never understood how in these types of movies, a character can sleep in the house after witnessing some crazy unexplainable event. Sleeping period after some of the stuff that happens should be difficult. At one point in the movie one of the characters finds all of the food in the house has instantly gone rotten, and she just throws all the food away and goes and has a shower. In the shower she is attacked by an unforeseen force and almost suffocated in the shower curtain, and she still doesn't get the kids and leave the house. These are things that were in horror movies of the 80s, and should be weeded out of any new scripts, if a good horror movie is to be made.

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