Friday, April 10, 2009

Box Office Review - Observe and Report

Written and directed by Jody Hill, who also did The Foot Fist Way and had a hand in creating Eastbound and Down. Only two movies into his career, and already he has developed a distinguishable style. All of his work is grounded in reality. His characters are outlandish version of people everyone knows. It is amazing that he is able to get away with the things he does. Foot Fist is a dark film, and I would say that Observe and Report goes to even darker places. This type of humour does not appeal to that wide of an audience, and I applaud Hill for being brave enough to make this movie. The film is absolutely brilliant, but I can't recommend it to just anyone. My sense of humour is very dry, so I have enjoyed everything that Jody Hill has done. If you are expecting a rehash of Blart, you will not be pleased. All of the actors are great in this. Seth Rogen embodies his character, Michael Pena kills in every scene that he is in, and Anna Faris gives a great performance as usual. Danny McBride shows up in a great cameo, and Patton Oswalt is very funny as a coffee shop manager. To warn you again though, the film is not for everyone, and there are many uncomfortable scenes. If you appreciate this kind of thing then you will enjoy the movie, just expect that there is a good chance that you will be the only one laughing in the theatre.

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