Friday, February 5, 2010

Box Office Review - From Paris With Love

Whether or not you will like this film is based entirely on one thing, do you like John Travolta? I’m not talking Grease and Look Who’s Talking John Travolta. I’m talking profanity spewing, badder than sin, Face Off, and Broken Arrow Travolta. He is at his most eccentric in From Paris With Love, and it makes for a very watchable, fun experience. Jonathan Rhys Myers plays a low level secret agent working for the American government. He is planted in Paris under the cover of an ambassador’s assistance. His first real assignment is to partner with Travolta’s character Charlie Wax while he is on a mission in France. Wild adventures ensue with many twists along the way.

There is nothing in From Paris With Love that will be considered new, but director Pierre Morel does everything very well. The acting is good and Travolta and Myers have great buddy cop movie (Broploitation) chemistry. Setting the film is Paris was a good idea as there haven’t been too many buddy cop movies in such a setting. This is director Morel’s third film after District 13, and Taken. These three films all have something in common other than their French setting, they are all supremely enjoyable. If you go into From Paris With Love expecting a good time, you will get it. I would watch a sequel more than willingly.

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