Thursday, March 3, 2011

Box Office Review - Unknown

Watching Unknown is like having someone tell you to put together a puzzle, and then an hour later, after no success on your part, the person returns and goes haha, stupid, you need theses pieces to put it all together. Unknown has Liam Neeson and January Jones as husband and wife travelling to a business conference in Berlin. Liam Neeson ends up in a car accident and then a coma, and he forgets everything. It then seems that someone has taken his identity, as well as his wife. Speaking of Taken, that movie is a lot of fun, while Unknown is extremely tedious. Liam Neeson runs around looking for answers, and it is just boring. None of the action scenes are interesting, and the car chase in the film is exactly like every other car chase since The Bourne Identity. Then the twist comes, and it is almost offensive. Maybe I'm just dumb, but I don't think there is anyway to predict what happens. Theoretically, if this twist was in a better film it would be interesting, but it doesn't do anything for this movie. The film is being marketed as similar to Taken, but there really isn't anything in common other than the European setting.

Banana Peel

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  1. When i saw it i felt like i had finished seeing a less cool copy of Bourne Identity